Describe a physical activity that you regularly do for fitness | IELTS speaking

Describe a physical activity that you regularly do for fitness. Please say

– What is it?
– Who do you like to do it with?
– Do you think it is important to keep fit? Why?


– Why do you prefer morning walks alone?
– How do people stay fit in your country?
– Do you think technology adversely affects our health?
– Do you think exercises are important for young people as well?
– How should people motivate themselves to do physical exercises?
– How can the government help in this matter?

Morning walk is part of my daily routine, from last ten I regularly go for morning walk. The reason for such a long regularity is my grandfather. My grandfather is a diabetic patient since last 10 years and though the doctor at that time suggested going for walk to maintain his health. Initial he went for the walk but after few days, he felt lonely while walking and left it. But for his good health, walking was very crucial so to accompany him and for his health, I also started going for morning walks. Every day early at 6 o’clock we get ready in our tracks and sports shoe and went to the nearby public garden for a walk. Regularly we walk for about 5 km and spend time with each other. And this is the only time where I can have quality time with my grandfather in my busy schedule. Hence morning walk helps me and my grandfather to stay fit and fine and also helps us to spend quality time with each other. I suggest every person, wake up early and go for walk to remain healthy.

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