Describe a situation in your life that made you laugh a lot | IELTS speaking topic

Describe a situation in your life that made you laugh a lot. Please say

– What was the situation?
– When and where did it take place?
– How did you feel about it later?


– What is your idea of funny advertisement?
– Do men and women like the same comedies? Why? – What is the difference between comedies on TV and comedy books?

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Thank you for the chance to let me speak about the incident that made me laughs a lot. The funny incident I remember happened three years ago when I was a student in college. I was in 8th semester. We had a group assignment to collect data on growing a new technology in the market. We went to the library after our classes. I found that my group members are hungry and they need to have some food. I found them entering the restaurant and one of my classmates ordered some food directly without checking the menu. After we are done with our food, I noticed that everyone is staring each other that who will pay this bill? So, everyone checking their wallets and bags and restaurant is very costly than the regular one. All of us together, we didn’t have that much money to pay the bill. This was the funniest condition although we are laughing and I told my two classmates to give their cell phone and wrist watch as the alternate of a bill. They got serious and we started enjoying their reactions and laughed again. Then after, we all sat there and one of my classmates went to his home to take money. One person in our group told that if he will not come everyone imagines the situation and laughed a lot. Finally, that friend came with money and we paid the money and left the restaurant.

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