Describe a skill that you have learned in your childhood | IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a skill that you have learned in your childhood. Please say

– What was it?
– Who taught you that?
– Is it helping you in your life?


– What skills are necessary for children to learn?
– Why do you think so?

Thank you for giving me such a nice topic, to speak about a childhood skill that I have learned. In childhood, I was a very active child. I used to do many activities whole day like singing, dancing, drawing and playing various sports. But here, I would like to talk about swimming. It happened that in my childhood I went to my village, where there was a small lake in my village and all small kids over there used to swim in that lake. 

But I didn’t know swimming at that time, and then I decide to learn swimming as I found it very interesting and exciting activity.  So when I return home after watch kids playing in the lake in water and having fun there. I requested my father to teach me swimming so that I can also play in the water. So when we return to our home in a city. My father made me join a professional coaching center for learning swimming. After about 3 months I was a great swimmer and very thankful to my father as he helped me in learning this skill. Today also I daily swim one hour in the morning as it helped me to maintain a healthy life.

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