12 Homophones, which you should use without a mistake!

12 Homophones, which you should use without a mistake!

1.     Two, To, Too

Two (number)
     E.g.  He has a two year old son.

To (adjective)
     E.g.  She goes to school.

Too (adverb)
     E.g. He is too smart to solve the problem.

2.     Hour, Our

Hour (noun)
     E.g.  He is one hour late for the class.

Our (determiner)
     E.g.  Our parents always take care of us.

3.     Peace, Piece

Peace (noun)
     E.g.  Music gives me peace of mind.

Piece (noun)
     E.g.  I need 3 pieces of sandwich.

4.     Male, Mail

Male (adjective)
     E.g.  My cat is male. He can’t be pregnant.

Mail (noun)
     E.g.  Please, post this document on my mail address.

5.     Right, Write

Right (adjective)
     E.g.  He took the right decision.

Write (verb)
     E.g.  She needs to write 3000 words essay.

6.     Son, Sun
Son (noun)
     E.g.  Her son is a pianist.

Sun (noun)
     E.g. Sun is very hot today.

7.     Wear, Where

Wear (verb)
     E.g. All students need to wear pressed uniform in the school.

Where (adverb)
     E.g.  Where are you going?

8.     Ate, Eight

Ate (verb)
     E.g. I ate an apple.

Eight (number)
     E.g.  She is eight years old.

9.     Stationary, Stationery

Stationary (adjective)
     E.g.  A car collides with a stationary pole.

Stationery (noun)
     E.g. Office stationery is kept in a cupboard.

10. Break, Brake

Break (verb)
     E.g.  I need a coffee break.

Brake (noun)
     E.g.  His car’s brake failed all of a sudden.

11. Bye, Buy, By

Bye (noun)
     E.g.  Okay, John. I'll call you late. Bye.

Buy (buy)
     E.g.  I want to buy a big house.

By (preposition)
     E.g.   She was appreciated by her teacher.

12. Cheap, Cheep

Cheap (adjective)
      E.g.  The food is very cheap in a nearby restaurant.

Cheep (noun)
      E.g.  The bird gave a shrill cheep.

Chip (noun)
      E.g. The chip of TV has broken.

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