IELTS Letter Writing Tips

IELTS Letter Writing Tips

In IELTS writing section there are two tasks.
  • Task -1 (Letter Writing)
  •  Task-2 (Essay Writing)

Today we are focusing on Letter Writing.

In IELTS, a letter is task one of writing section and a student should only devote 20 minutes out of 60 minutes given for writing section as well as make sure it should be of 150+ words.
Now-a-day Emails are more popular even though for that letter writing skills are necessary for it.

Ergo, IELTS letter can be any of the three types mentioned below.
  1.  Formal
  2.   Informal
  3.  Semi-Formal

Formal Letter:

Formal Letter is a letter in which someone is requesting some details from someone, application for something, or communicating in a formal way.

For instance, you have to request leave from you manager due to some personal reason; that falls into the category of a formal letter.

In a formal letter in most of the cases, it requires that you introduce yourself at the beginning of letter after the greeting.

In a formal letter, it is preferable to greet a person with ‘Dear Mr. John Doe’ or ‘Dear Manager’ or in any formal way.

Also, it is important to end the letter thanking or requesting manner. And end with – Your Faithfully or With Regards.

Informal Letter:

Informal Letters are those which we write to someone we know very well and we are asking for favour from them or inviting them for party or occasion.

For example, you are inviting your friend for your daughter’s 16th Birthday Party.

In the informal letter there no need to introduce yourself instead of it just ask or inquire about their health and family well-being.

In informal letters, you can begin with greeting such as ‘Dear Alex’,  ‘Dear John’; here you can address the person by his/her first name, as you know that person personally. In the same way, you can end with – ‘With Love’ or ‘Regard’ or any other informal way.

Semi-Formal Letter:

Semi-Formal Letters are a combination of both the letter i.e. formal and informal.

In Semi-Formal letter depending upon the definition of a letter, you need to decide how to greet the person whom you are writing the letter and how to end accordingly.

Semi-Formal Letter can be in such a way that you are complaining you neighbour about something or you are ordering to your friend to do something compulsorily for you. It dependences on the nature of definition how to handle semi-formal letters.

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