Describe a situation where you helped an old person | Recent IETLS Speaking Topic 2018

Describe a situation where you helped an old person.

When you helped?
Where did you helped?
How you helped?
How you felt about it?

  • We all are humans and it is our humble responsibility to help others whenever it is possible.
  • I have helped different people many times but here I would like to talk about a time when I helped an old person, who was not known to me earlier.
  • Civil hospital of my city is the busiest hospital in Asia. Many people from different countries and other places from my country come to civil hospital for treatment.
  • Every three months, I and my two friends visit civil hospital for donating blood.
  • Last month when we visited civil hospital, I saw an old person seated on bench and he was crying.
  • I went to him and asked about his problem.
  • Actually, he was from Rajasthan. And he was in hospital for his wife’s heart surgery.
  • Unfortunately, blood group of his wife was O-. That is very rare blood group.
  • Hospital authorities told him to arrange 5 units of blood but due to this rare blood group it was not possible for him to arrange. He tried a lot but he failed and he was crying.
  • So I told him not to worry and I started working on it. I ask all my friends and relatives for this blood group.
  • Fortunately, my two relatives and three of my friends had the same blood group. So I immediately told them to come to hospital.
  • Finally, blood was arranged for that old lady and operation was immediately started.
  • I was there with that old person outside the operation theater and told him not to worry at all.
  • After five hours of operation doctor came out and told operation was extremely successful.
  • We all were very happy and first time I saw smile on that old persons face.
  • He was so thankful to me and he blessed me a lot.
  • I felt too much proud for myself.
  • That was the time I helped an old person and I felt very happy. 


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