An animal you have seen for the first time | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic 2018

An animal you have seen for the first time | An strange animal you would like to talk about.

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  •         In the world, there is a great diversity in animals.
  •     Animals can be categories: herbivore or carnivorous, domestic or wild, mammals or reptile.
  •         But here I would like to describe about an animal which I have never seen live but on television and it is ‘Anteater .
  •       Last Sunday I was watching discovery channel on television as I love to watch and exploring new things.
  •         That day I came to know about ‘Anteater’, it is an unusual animal.
  •         Anteaters are in two color: either black or brown.
  •         All anteaters have elongated snouts equipped with a thin tongue that can be extended to a length greater than the length of the head; their tube-shaped mouths have lips but no teeth.
  •         The feed on small insect and especial ants.
  •         Anteaters have their own group in which they inhabitants.
  •      They do not normally enter a group of another anteater of the same sex, but males often enter the territory of associated females.
  •     Anteaters have poor sight but an excellent sense of smell and most species depend on the latter for foraging, feeding, and defense. Their hearing is thought to be good.
  •        They are found in South and Central America.
  •         Anteater is a breed, which is not found in India.
  •         So, when I saw Anteater on television I was really amused and curious to know about it.                                                      

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