A competition you would like to take part in | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic 2018

A competition you would like to take part in.

1) What kind of competition it is?
2) What would you do in this competition?
3) Why does this competition interest you?

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·         Life is full of competition. At each and every phase of life, we face many different kinds of the competitions.
·         In my school life, I have participated in many competitions.
·         Once, I took part in elocution competition, where I gave a speech on Bhagat Sigh – The Indian Freedom Fighter.
·         I won 2nd price in that competition, which boost my confidence as a child.
·         But, here I would like to talk about a competition I would like to participate in it is a cooking show called as Master Chef India.
·         Master Chef India is a famous cooking competition in India and is conducted every year.
·         In this competition people all over India participate and show their cooking talent.
·         I, my family and my friends believe that I possessed a great culinary skill and I should take part in the next Master Chef India competition in 2019.
·         I am preparing for this competition for two years.
·         Master Chef India Competition is conducting this competition for 10 long years.
·         Who so ever wins this competition became famous, can earn success and own numerous restaurants all over the world.
·         These made me keen to take part in this competition.
·         I am very good at baking therefore if I participate in this competition, I will give my best to impress the judges with my delicious dessert and sweet dishes.
·         Currently, I own a small baking shop and take online orders.
·         But, it is not so popular yet, but if I participate in this competition would surely benefit me in growing my business, even if I don’t win it.

·      So, Master Chef India is one of the competitions in which I would like to participate in the coming future.

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  1. Thank you So much...Its a very useful for me in exam..Content is very informative with good vocabulary..

  2. very easy language. easy to understand..good

    1. Full of mistakes some words which are used in text for only writing not speaking

  3. Thank-you so much but I share my perspective according to cue topic on comment box

    The life has became very competitive in human life.because in daily routine, human are trying to achieve successful and name or fame.but without curosity and confidential, people cannot acquire any sucesssuful in their life.

    In my school time, I participated plethira of competition like drawing, rangoli, sports activities. During these time, I forever won first and second prize. But these talent provoke childhood talent and enhance confidence . So that, we do participate more activities in future.

    But today here, I would like talk about a very crucial competition , which will be extremely an important for me. Through this competition I would earn name and fame in society. I would participated in master chef competition.my all family member always insist you are became very chef ,because, i cooks food very delicious when anybody see my food, they comes naturally mouthwatering in the mouth of person. My parents and friends always excessively insist for cooking competition. If i would participated in this competition. definitely i will won, therefore i have experience of culinary arts , baking, and cooking meal .so I have started prepare to himself for master chef platform . Because sometime i think about my career. Only master chef talent show give me successful in my life . This show has been conducting for last five year . But in 2019 I will do participate in this talent show. Because my career is depend on master chef. If i will do take part in this competition so I earn lot of reputation and name through this platform .

    Overall, competition is way who individual can easily became more sucesssuful and talented in their life


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