Talk about a math skill that you learned in your primary / elementary school | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic 2018

Talk about a math skill that you learned in your primary / elementary school.
·        What was it?
·        How did you learn it?
·        Do you find it useful and how it useful?
·        Explain how it will be beneficial for you in the future?

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From childhood days only, I am a fan of mathematics.
As a child, math was my favorite subject.
I still remember my math teacher of 5th Standard.
His name is S.B. Patel.
He used to teach math in such a way that every student of the class learn the subject very well and score good marks in mathematics subject.
At that time apart from syllabus he used to take our extra lecture to teach us Vedic Math.
In that Vedic Math, class I learned faster methods to do calculations.
I still follow the same techniques today also to calculate any amount or figures.
For example, he gave a very nice formal to multiply 11 with any number as well as techniques of number 9 and many more.
I never missed his extra lecture to learn these mathematical techniques and it was great fun to learn it.
I still remember Patel sir and feel blessed that he took extra effort to make all of us good at math.
Today, in my college or office I am the one who calculates the number faster than others.
People use their smartphones calculators to divide the share of the food or the gifts which gave as a birthday present to one another.
In future also this skill is every import as money will always be circulating around us, and every point of time faster calculations is must for survival.
As no one can fool you if you are good at faster calculations.
I must say every child should learn math with sincerity, as it plays a vital role in every one's life.
In today's where competition is increasing day by day, instead of encouraging students to calculate orally, schools are allowing students to use calculators.
I must say this must not be the scenario.
Every person, whatever the age may be, should be able to do basic mathematical calculations for his/her livelihood.

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