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Talk about your favorite song

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Listening to the songs is like meditation as it freshens up one’s mind.

Regularly I listen to the Bollywood movie songs.

My favorite song is  “Yaro Dosti’’. It is from the album “PAL” and sung by Azim Khan in 1999.

This song is about the friendship. It describes how friends take care of each other and explain the bond between the friends.

I have limited friends but they are like my family. I can share each and everything with them. As well as discuss the difficult situation or hard times of my life and get the best solutions after the discussion of the problem.

The main reason that this song is near to my heart is that I and my college friends had performed on this song at the last cultural fest of our college life.

As we were doing rehearsals regularly on this song, it grew our bond day by day.
On the day of the event, we performed it, but by the time it got complete, we all started crying.

The reason is that it was the last few days of our college and we were going to be separated. But on that day we made a promise to each other that we will stay connected with each other via phones and emails.

Nearly 10 years have passed and we all four friends are still in connection with each other, sharing our happy and sad moments.

I have set this song as the ringtone for my friends and therefore “Yaro Dosti’’ is my favorite song. 

Happy learning!

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