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Describe an activity you enjoy doing when you are alone.

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Human is a social animal.

There are very rare situations when a person is all alone.

At home there is a family, at school or college there are friends and in the office there are colleagues.

A person is surrounded by the people all the time.

But when he/she is alone it is the golden period for him/her.

As I have a busy schedule with my work, I rarely get a chance to watch a movie.

I am a super bollywood person, when I was a child my friends and family members always asked me to mimic bollywood movie dialogues.

But now I rarely have time to watch a movie.

So whenever I am alone and have 2 to 3 hours for myself, I start a movie on my laptop.

I have subscribed to Amazon prime services, which provide unlimited access to the latest bollywood movies.

I would grab popcorns, start my laptop and enjoy the movie all alone.

And if I don’t have enough time to watch a full movie, I would watch the famous dialogues or clips of my older favorite movies.

I feel like life exists when I enjoy bollywood movies all alone.

So I can say when I am alone I watch movies or movie clips on my phone or laptop with some food to eat.

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