Talk about the happiest situation in your life | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Talk about the happiest situation in your life.

What was the event?
Where and when it happened?
With whom you enjoyed?
Explain why it was important?

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Happy and sad moments are part of every person’s life.

Happiness is not experienced by a single person but it is felt by people surrounding them.

From childhood, I have seen my father struggling for my education fees.

But my father dreamt every day that I become a successful engineer from a reputed university.

I was a bright student since primary school.

When I got 90% marks my father was very proud of me, and he decided to send me the USA to study in the best university i.e. New York University.

Due to my good academics, I got a scholarship to study there in the course of mechanical engineering.

After completion of my study finally it was my graduation day and I invited my parents and they came to New York for my graduation.

In my graduation, I was honored with the gold medal as I was the overall performer in academics as well as co-circular activities.

I saw a big smile on my father’s face. It was full of satisfaction. I could feel his happiness on that day.

My graduation day was the happiest day for me as I complete my father’s dream.   

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