Talk about something that you borrowed from your friend | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Talk about something that you borrowed from your friend.

What was it?
When did you borrow?
How you felt?

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Friends are very special to us.

All friends share things with each other.

I also share my books, clothes and many other things with my friends.

But here I would like to talk about a black suit which I borrowed from my best friend.

It was my cousin birthday party and I was wondering what to wear.

Party theme was black. It was mentioned in the card that everyone had to wear a western black dress.

I didn’t have any black dress at that time.

Suddenly I remember my friend wear a black suit on his birthday. I loved that black suit.

I called him and ask him if I can borrow that dress for a day. 

He agreed and I went to his place to collect it.

I wore that dress on my cousin’s birthday party.

It perfectly fit me and I was looking very handsome on that day.

I got lots of compliment for that suit.

Many of them also asked where I bought it.

I took many photos on that occasion and many with my cousin.

I put it on social media as I was looking wonder wearing the suit.

This suit I borrowed from my friend and spend a beautiful evening at my cousin’s birthday.

Happy Learning!

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