Describe a family business | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a family business.

·         What is the business
·         What type of customers
·         How you know it
·         What product it sells
·         Why do you like it

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Family businesses are very popular in India and especially in Gujarat.

Gujaratis are considered as the best business, they are expert in doing business.

Although I am Gujarati, I and my family do not own any family business.

My father’s friends do own various businesses. 

One has a sweet shop, other has a stationery shop and many more.

But here I would like to talk about the stationery business of my father’s friend, Mr. Patel. I usually called him Patel Uncle.

He is the owner of a famous stationery shop in Ambavadi area of Ahmedabad called Raj Stationers.

I love his business as I love purchasing stationery items like glue gums, craft paper, scissors, pen, colors and many more items.

Crafting is my hobby, therefore, I required all these stationery products often and I visit his shop to buy it.

I love there because the products are always up to date. The latest drawing equipment, books, and many more things are available.

Before Patel uncle, his father used to run this shop and now he and his son take care of the business.

His son has started importing products from foreign countries to meet the market demand.

In Ahmedabad, there are various architectural and engineering college,  they require drawing tools and for that 'Raj Stationary' is famous as all the necessary pieces of instruments are available in the store.

And personally, I love art and craft so I wish my father could have a stationery business so that I can have my crafting material free.

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