Describe a time when you where cheated / when someone lies to you / someone did not tell you the complete truth | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic 2019

Describe a time when you where cheated / when someone lies to you / someone did not tell you the complete truth.

What was the occasion?
Who was the person?
What did he hide about?
Why do you think he didn’t tell the whole truth?

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In the 21st century, lying is common when it comes to marketing or advertising.
But one feels more hurt when they come to know that their loved ones or dear ones have lie to him/her.
I would like to share such an incident.
It happened years ago when I was in 12th Standard and it was my final examination going on.
In Gujarat, India 12th Standard is considered an important year for the academic life of a student, because the 12th result is important for getting admission in the reputed university.
The night before my chemistry exam it was the rumor that the exam paper of chemistry was leaked and my school teacher claim that same paper was going to be asked in the paper.
Every student wants to score high in 12th and so do I. Therefore, I called many of my friends if they have the paper and can share with me.
I also called my best friend if he has the paper, but from everyone, I got the answer as ‘NO’.
I got upset that even if studied hard I will not able to achieve a good percentage in exams as many students have papers, they will prepare the limited answer and while pass with flying colors.
My parents motivated me that hard work is the key to success I should believe in my hard work rather than running after leaked paper, I should revise my subject chapters.
I gain confidence and set for the revision. Next day my exam went very well.
After exams got over, I and my friends were having a conversation and all was in a fun mood that finally we all are free from the exam and we were planning a trip to Abu.
At that time I came to know that many of my friends had that leaked paper and even my best friends had it.
I was shocked that my best friend lied to me. I was hurt that day.
Fortunately, the paper was fake and it was only a rumor and if I had it or not had it, it did not affect my marks.
My best friend gave the explanation that he was afraid that if he shares the paper and he could be caught by the education committee then his life can be ruined.
I understood his concerned so still, we are good friends today also.

Happy Learning!

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