Talk about a public facility that improves /influence local life quality | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Talk about a public facility that improves /influence local life quality. 

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  • There are plenty of public facilities available for people which helps them differently. 
  • Here I would like to talk about public transportation. 
  • Public transportation is one such amenity which is available in each and every city. 
  • Specifically, in Ahmedabad, BRTS is the best transportation facility according to me. 
  • BRTS covers each and every location of Ahmedabad city.
  • It is provisioned with a separate lane,  which makes the travel time is much lesser to compare to the public vehicle.
  • Every person can afford to travel in BRTS as it is too economical
  • Students can avail handsome discounts on showing their identity card. 
  • The frequency of BRTS buses are excellent and are always on scheduled time. 
  • Near every BRTS stands/stop there are e-bikes stand. 
  • E-bikes are basically cycles which can be rented to travel nearby distances and can be convinced.
  • The combo of e-bikes and BRTS buses have made people's life easy, they don't have to worry much about the transportation issues.
  • Not only in Ahmedabad but also in other cities, public transportation is essential, so that people can easily commute for their work school or college or any other place.
  • Therefore, I can say that public transport is one of the facilities which solve the transportation issue for general people who can not afford private vehicles.

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