Describe a person you have seen (met) who is beautiful or handsome | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a person you have seen (met) who is beautiful or handsome.

When and where you saw or met this person?

What the person looked like?

Why do you think this person is handsome or beautiful?

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Since my birth, I have met many good looking people in my life, but out of those here, I would like to talk about my mother.
Her name is ________.
She is in her late fifties but young at heart.
She loves to learn new things and update herself with the time.
She used to wear clothes as per the situation but mostly wears a saree.
She is not much tall but looks pretty good in a saree.
Whenever she gets dressed up for social occasions like Diwali or wedding function, she looks like a royal queen. 
And I am sure in her young age she must have resembled a princess.
Apart from that, she is an excellent chef, every Sunday she used to cook new dishes.
She is not just elegant by her outer look but also has inner beauty, like kindness, adoration and many more.
She always gives respect to everyone and believes in helping others.
I remember the time when one of our relatives have a big loss in their business and lost all properties and valuable things.
No one was ready to help them and on that time my mother helped them.
She gave them our old house keys for staying there and gave them small financial support, too.
She is a working professional but never missed to take care of the family.
She always helps me to solve my problems in routine life as well as education difficulty.
Therefore, I think to me, my mother is one of the beautiful people in the world.   

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