Describe a special date in your country’s history | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a special date in your country’s history.

What was it?
When did it happen?
What did people do on that day?
Why is it special?

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I’m living in India and the world knows that India has a rich historical background.
There are many special events and dates like 15th August  1947(independence day), 26 January 1950(Republic Day) and many more.
Here, I am going to address about 11th May 1998(National Technology Day of India) when India tested three nuclear explosives successfully at Pokharan.
The name of the mission was given by the prime minister Atal Bihari Bajpai and it was “Operation Shakti”.
No one knows about this test, not even the U.S.A.
India tested the whole nuclear bomb under the nose of the U.S agency.
On that day all the Indians are very happy because after that day India becomes one of the nations which have nuclear power.
Apart from that, my country did that job which other big nations cannot.
It is a very exceptional day for every Indian because after that day the view of the world has changed for India, they give respect to Indians. 
Moreover, after completing the successful test, without taking the help of any country, in India terrorism activity has gone down.
Thus, 11th May 1998(National technology day of India) is one of the special dates in India’s history.

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