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Describe a person who speaks a foreign language well.

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Language is the method of human communication, either spoken or written, consisting of the use of words in a structured and conventional way.
I know many people, who can speak more than one language such as, English, Gujarati, Hindi.
But, here I am going to talk about a person who speaks a foreign language very well.
He is none other than my best friend his name is a_____________.
Since childhood, we played together, studied together, and did many social activities together.
Now, we both are an engineer.
However, his parents decided that he should go abroad for further study.
He soon joined French classes, as he planned to study in Canada.
French is the first language of Canada.
He asks me to learn the language, but I have a different plan so, did join him.
I vividly, remember one day when we went to Gandhi Ashram, and
there was some foreigner who does know English, but what to explore about Gandhiji.
He went to them and helped to explore more about Gandhiji by communicating within French.
I was suprised he communicated with them so fluently.
At that time, I realize that it is good if one knew foreign languages. 
So, I decided to learn one foreign language.

Happy Learning!

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