Good news that you heard /recevied / read on the internet | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Good news that you heard /recevied / read on the internet.

What was it?

When did you hear it?

Why do you think it was good?

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Nowadays, the internet has become an inevitable part of human's life.

Even, I am using the internet almost daily.

People use the internet for many reasons, like socializing, stocks market, broadening their general knowledge, listen to the latest music and so on.

I would like to narrate you about one of the good news of my life which change my career, and it was the letter of joining the company.

Two years back, when I completed my master's in networking, I gave an interview at a company named ABC Networks.

The interview went well as I answer almost all the questions accurately.

They declared they gave the E-mail whether I would select or not.

After one week, when I was going through my email box, I found one mail.

It was the offer letter from ABC Networks with 6.5 lac per annum package.

I was overwhelmed.

It was the life-changing email for me and my family, too.

My family and relatives were proud of me that I got a job in a well-known company.

So, this was the good news which I got from the internet.

Happy Learning!

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