Something you bought but did not use much | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic 2019

Something you bought but did not use much.

What was the thing?
When did you buy it?
Why you bought it?
Why you did not use it often?

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Honestly, speaking I am a shopaholic person by nature.
It is very often when I buy many things and do not use it much afterward.
Here, I would like to share such an experience.
It was a year ago when the winter was going on, at that time I was thinking of exercising early in the morning.
My friend suggested me to do cycling and inform me that he will accompany me for it.
I did not own a bicycle at that time, therefore, on the next day itself, I bought the bicycle.
Then onwards, we started going to cycle every morning.
We used to do cycling for 5-7 km a day.
It happened for 3 to 4 weeks.
All of a sudden, one day come my friend came to my home and informed me that he got a Canadian P.R. card, which he had filed the file three months ago.
I was happy for him.
He needs to fly to Canada in a few days due to which he got busy with packing and other activities of migration.
For a few days, I continue cycling alone but left it.
After that, I did not use a bicycle.
So, this bicycle is one of the things that I bought but did not use too much.

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