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Talk about a historical place.

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In this globe, there are numerous countries which have lots of historical places and building.
India has a very rich historical background.
It has various historical places, amongst all 'TAJ MAHAL' is one of the best historical places of India, which is situated in Agra.
In fact ‘TAJ MAHAL’ is one of the seven wonders in the world.
Apart from that, I recently visited ‘TAJ MAHAL’ with my family last year on a tour.
We went there by mini ac bus and we were almost 32 people on that tour.
We started our journey at approximately 3 am in the morning and we reached Agra at around 6 pm.
After that, we stay at a 3-star hotel and hired one tour guide to gain information about the “TAJ MAHAL”.
The tour guide gave us all the basic information about ‘TAJ MAHAL’.
Like it was constructed in the 17th century by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, to house the tomb of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal.
For its construction, Shahjahan hired talented artists who have the mastery to build a building with the help of different and expensive stones.
‘TAJ MAHAL’ was built by white marble and other precious materials.
To build gorgeous 'TAJ MAHAL', it took longs 20 years and 20000 workers.
On the entry gate, there are two gardens, it has various kinds of flowers planted and nurtured by the people, which covers the whole garden with a beautiful fragrance.
As well as there are two fountains that enhance the beauty of the place.
Shahjahan does not want that similar kind of building should be constructed again, therefore he orders to cut the hands of the worker who were involved.
Recently, there is a controversial issue on 'TAJ MAHAL' that the white color changing in light yellow because of the pollution and acid rain.
Therefore, the government of India announced that no one can drive two and four wheelers around 2 km area of ‘TAJ MAHAL’ and they provide electronic buses for the visitor to protect its color and popularity.


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  2. Wow, great list. Thanks for sharing this information.
    Looking at historical places, I kept thinking about this time. I wish one day I would visit these historical places.

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