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Describe the practical skill you learned.

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In this paradigm shift, juveniles should be aware of learning new aptitudes in addition to their school curriculums, like money management - managing a bank account, car maintenance and so on. 

When I was in 12th grade, because of my one of the subject, I learned how the bank has been doing all the functions like how to deposit and withdraw money, about demand draft, how bank charges for due credit card payments, and different rates of different loans.

In the years of 2007 when I started to earn I opened my bank account with axis bank which is one of the prominent corporate bank.

After having some transactions I become a little expert in mobile banking also.
Once my brother paid his college fees through the debit card of SBI.

His balance showed the deduction but his college refused about the payment of the fees.

At the same time I went to the nearest branch of SBI and discusses with the in-charge manager about the transaction.

The manager gave me surety for the clearance of this transaction, but there was no update in the next four days, as the college had not received fees. Then I again visited that SBI branch.

I clearly mentioned about my knowledge of online payment system in the very precise manner and gave them written notice for balance.

Immediately within six hours my brother got the fees to receipt from his college.

If I never learned about banking I might get confused about this problem and surely visit the bank again and again.

So this practical knowledge actually helped in this problem. that’s why I think people should learn banking skills at least of primary transactions.

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Happy Learning!

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