Describe an unusual vacation you had | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe an unusual vacation you had.
When and where you did it?
What you did?
Who you did with?
And explain why you think it was unusual?

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Well, traveling is something that excited me a lot and I’m always ready for it.
Here, I would like to talk about the holidays that I had last year and consider it quite unusual.
During last summer holidays, my friend wanted to go for holidays at faraway place but we did not have enough money to afford to go.
Fortunately, on the very next day, I was looking on social media and came to know about one N.G.O need some people who do volunteer work for them at one remote place which is located in the mountain.
Moreover, the best thing about this is that N.G.O would give all the expenses of that volunteer. For example, traveling, food accommodation, food and so on.
I told to my friend then, we went to the N.G.O and they gave us the work of teaching to students for 5-7 years.
We went to Malana, Himachal Pradesh where the N.GO. is located.
There we volunteer as well as did some sightseeing at the place, like historical temple nature, lake and so on.
A part from that we experienced local culture and taste of local food as well.
It is nice to spend summertime in such place, where the temperature is not much high compared to our city.
Furthermore, we felt very good because we contributed our work for society.
Now we always look for such kind of voluntary work, even these days I recommend my friends to go on holiday with NGOs.
So, this was the unusual vacation I had.

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