A park you visited and liked | Recent IELTS Speaking Topics

A park you visited and liked.

Where is it?
When you went?
Why you liked it?

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I love to live in Ahmedabad city for some obvious reasons like heritage monuments, horizontal infrastructure development, different amazement venues, as well as beautiful gardens out of which here, would like to talk about a beautiful garden of my life in comfort.

Garden is the place where one can enjoy varies of landscape with scenario beauty on last Sunday I visited a public garden which is named by the jogger’s park, with my younger siblings and friends. This park is situated in the renowned area of my city 3.5 km far away from my home we went there in our car.

This park is established and maintained by city municipal for the last 22 years.

The jogger’s park has 4 different gates; two entrance and two for exits.
When someone enters the garden a beautiful fountain with small beautiful sculptures attracts more.

In the evening time when the waterfall starts from these fountains with colorful lights make people feel like a haven. This garden is oval-shaped with a small beautiful pond in the central area, where little kids can enjoy ducks and boating too.

In one corner there is an open gym for the youngster as well as juveniles for who are crazy about their fitness.

Early in the meaning, regular laughing club session has been conducted by fitness trainers and yoga experts where lodged exactly beside the pond there is a small amazement part for kids.

There is a small cafeteria area near to exit gate.

Where one can enjoy fruit juice and organic food only.

The lucrative features of the garden are near and smooth pat ways, with some benches, and beautifully shaped tree.

If a person is a shutterbug by nature; it can capture different scenic beauty in the camera.

So, this is the garden I visit and enjoyed a lot and this visit becomes memorable for me because all such amenities are enjoyed over there.                       

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