Describe a place full of color | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a place full of color.

Where is it?
How you know about it?
When you went there?
What you did there?
Explain why you think it is colorful?

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In my leisure time, I always like to explore different places with a variation of the landscape. 
Whenever I visited any new place, its horizontal development, as well as scenic beauty, attracts me a lot.
In my last summer vacation, I visited one of the city, Jodhpur, in Rajasthan state with my friends.
It is also been stated as a metropolitan city of the Rajasthan as its population crossed over 1 million.
Jodhpur is ideally known as the Blue city as well as the Sun city of India because it enjoys the bright and sunny weather around the year.
This city is mesmerizing that one just wants to visit again and again.
There are various good looking Heritage Hotels and Palace Hotels to explore.
Jodhpur is also known as the “Blue City’ as the houses are blue-printed in the old area of the city.
Some people say that the color is associated with the Brahmins and that blue houses of the city belong to that caste person. 
Blue color helps in observance the houses cool in the heat which is very vital for this city.
It is also a fact that the whole city is not colored blue but only the equipped old city near the Mehrangarh Fort are coloured blue.
We saw many dances, including the Ghoomar dance in which the performers were wearing the most colorful dresses.
Even we also enjoyed colorful puppet show over there.
At last, I felt that it was my wonderful and a colorful trip with my friends.

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