Talk about an interesting conversation | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Talk about an interesting conversation:

Who was the person?
When and where did you have the conversation?
 What was the conversation about?

There are so many times we just start with small talk and then end up having an amazing conversation with someone.
It so happens because of the common interests or sometimes because of a topic that strikes the minds.
Here I would like to share one of my conversations with one of my mentors. Mr. Achyut Dani.
He is a professional charted accountant for the last 10 years.
We met in one of the seminars which were held by Gujarat University on 15th November last year.
That seminar was on taxation of state government.
Is that seminar each candidate had given a chance to put their thought on government strategy.
One by one, when I put my thought, Mr. Dani explained in detail how any charted accountant calculates each earning slab.
We discuss in detail different kinds of professional and job salaries.
I utilize that knowledge in my teaching of accountancy subject as I am a professional higher secondary teacher.
With this information on the calculation of taxation. I could be able to make one of the toughest chapters in an easy way that my students can easily understand and do solve questions regarding.
Not even in my profession but also while filling my income-tax return it helps me, too.
So I always remember that talk which was of my interest in with one of the legendary professional people.

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