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Talk about a toy that you like in your childhood.

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Toys play a big and important role in children's’ development. It helps to develop their motor and sensory skills and also their cognitive skills.

At the same time, it also leads to their social development, especially when they play with other kids.

I had many toys in my childhood. Here, I am going to talk about my Barbie doll.

I still remember that first advertisement of it in my country when it was just launched by Leo Mattel in India.

 It had a piece of lovely music and displayed ‘the Happy Birthday Barbie which was wearing a pink gown with white polka dots. The doll had long golden hair and was even wearing matching pink sandals.

My father gifted me on my 5th birthday.

My Barbie doll looks so pretty as its name appears. This doll was packed lucratively with her makeup kit, different attire as well as trendy footwear.

It has 5 different western dress along with matching accessories and hills.
I often change it on my holidays.

I always liked to comb her bloom hair and pin it up.

Along with this, after some time my mother brought kitchen set of Barbie.

After that in one corner of my room, I set up the Barbie corner with all her stuff and kitchen.

On holidays and Sundays, just like my mom, I used to cook and took care of my doll-like her mother.

I just loved everything about it; the dress, the bloom hair, and its beautiful features.

I spent most of my time playing with Barbie whenever I was at home and it became my favorite possession.

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