A time when you received a horrible service | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

A time when you received horrible service.

When it happened?
Where did it happen?
Who you were with?
What happened?
Why service was horrible?

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There are many occasions when I received very good service from the hotel restaurant and clubs, but at the same time, I have also received bad service several times.

Here I would like to talk about an incident when I received horrible service from a travel agent and have to suffer in Dubai.

In the cast summer vacation, I paid a visit to Dubai with my family. The trip was 5 days long.

At the time of booking, we told the travel agent that we want vegetarian food every day as we are stone vegetarian and even paid extra.

On the first day of the trip itself, we were not served with veg food. 

As my parents are vegetarian, they talked to the tour guide to provide veg food as that was discussed at the time of booking but he refused to provide veg food and said that there is nothing in writing in tour package about it.

Therefore, my dad called the agent in India with whom we had our booking and discussed the problem with him. 

He told my father to reply in 15 minutes. Even after 30 minutes, he didn’t call us back, my dad again called him and the phone was switched off.

Instead of enjoying this trip a lot, we were busy in a veg restaurant all the time.

After coming back to India, we went to the travel agency to get our extra money back which we paid for the veg food but they even denied us to pay back the extra money.

I reviewed this travel agency on google and connected our horrible experience with them, so other people can be aware of this situation and can avoid traveling through this agency. So, this was the most horrible experience I received until now. 

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