Describe a time when you found something that someone lost | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a time when you found something that someone lost.

What did you found?
When did you find it?
Where you find it?
How you returned it back to its owner?
How you felt?

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“Forget fullness is human tendency”
In this fast-paced era, people are in so hurry that they sometimes misplace or forget their belonging.
Here, I would like to talk about a time when I found something that someone lost.
Once while traveling by bus to my home from university. I found a wallet beside my bag.
I asked surrounding people about that wallet.
It was black with grey chex and sides of parallel.
It had around Rs. 2000 with a debit card & reliance membership card.
Instead of giving it to the police I decided to return the wallet directly to the owner.

The next day, I visited the bank of which the debit card was and asked the bank managers for info of this debit cardholder but he denied to give me the details because it was the strict policy.
 So I went to the reliance store to get the contact number of the membership holder.
They told me that the card belongs to Mr. Jignesh Bhatt & gave me his address & phone number.
I decide to call on number & asked him about his wallet & days age on a bus.

I even asked him the bus number & the destination it led to cross-check him.
Then I was assured that he was the one person who lost his wallet.
I went to his home the next day to returns the wallet, he was so happy & appreciated my effect of going out of the way to returns it.
He gave me a small thank you gift but I decide not to take it; instead of that, I told them him to help 3 others whenever he gets the chance & also pass this message to others & maintain the chain of humanity.

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