Describe a dinner you really enjoyed | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

 Describe a dinner you really enjoyed.

- When it was
- What you ate
- Who you were with
- And explain why you enjoyed it

• I have had so many meals and taken part in my celebrations and parties over the years but among these, there is one particular time that I remember the most.

• A few months ago, I went to a barbeque party on the rooftop of my father’s home. It was my parents’ 38th anniversary.
• It was Saturday night, 13th February. That meal and the party were both fantastic. I and my family decorated a terrace with flowers and perfumed candles.
• We had been planning this surprise party for a long time and so on the day, we gathered at my friend’s house and went shopping. We had a lot of fun and happiness over there.
• We made handmade invitations for invitees with chocolates and rose that my parents love very much.
• Catering order had been given to the barbeque cafe of the city named ‘Barbeque Junction’.
• They arrange a live barbeque fire on the terrace. They served 7 different kinds of veg. barbeque in the meal with rice, chapatti, and dessert.
• In 7 barbeque, baby corn, baby potato, different varieties of paneer and tomato were there. The waiters were well dressed and serve lovingly.
• The Mexican rice, they served, was so delicious. We were 26 persons to enjoy such a meal. This meal was worth every penny.
• During the dinner, we eat and discussed my brother’s study after his masters.
• In the end, We ate chocolate cake which my sister in law cooked for us.
• Everyone presented a special gift to my parents and lots of wishes.
• So, that was the dinner I enjoyed.

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