Describe a good decision someone made or (it could be a good decision someone made recently) | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a good decision someone made or (it could be a good decision someone made recently)

- What it was
- When you made it
- What the result was
- And explain how you felt about it?

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Image Source: Unknown

  • We all have to take decisions from time to time.
  • Some decisions may be small, such as what to wear or what to prepare for lunch.
  • Some decisions can affect the whole life, such as choosing a college or university or choosing a life partner.
  • Here, I would like to talk about a decision, which my maternal uncle and aunt made.
  • They decided to move from a village to the city for the better education of their children.
  • They made this decision a few months ago, and they have never once regretted it.
  • My uncle is an agriculturist, and it was very difficult for him initially.
  • For getting good schooling, his children had to go by bus, which took two hours in the morning and two after school hours.
  • It was very tiring for his children.
  • He did not want to compromise with their education by teaching them in the village school. So, he decided to shift to the city, and instead of his children he decides to travel daily: he commuted to his village for his work.
  • I think it was a good decision because the early years of schooling are the base forming years of life.
  • Now, his children are doing well in school, and are also good at many extra-curricular activities also.
  • Sometimes for sports, they have to stay at school after school hours, which would have been impossible if they were staying in the village.
  • My uncle could have seen his comfort, but he decided to put his family first and I think it was quite right.
  • I admire my uncle for that.
  • So, that was the decision my uncle made, which I think was good.

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