Describe an aquatic animal | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

 Describe an aquatic animal.

- What it looks like.
- When you saw it.
- Where you saw it.
- Explain why it is interesting.

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• Nature is full of colors. There is a variety of flora and fauna. But here I would like to take this opportunity to talk about a marine creature which is known as the manta ray. It is also known as devil see.

• Manta rays are usually white, or black on top with a white tummy. They can also appear almost completely black.

• It has a flattened body and fins are in a triangular shape. Some time body looks are diamonds shaped. It uses its triangular for swimming.

• The larger Manta-Ray is less likely to be endangered due to the fact that they have very few natural predators.

• Manta Rays are among the animals living in the water that are affected by global warming.

• Well, I came to know about this creature when my father was teaching marine animals and out of blue of my eyes fell on it and I was flabbergasted (surprised) to see this beautiful animal.

• It seems to be interesting because it is a gentle and calm creature and never feels scared in the presence of human beings.

• On top of that it leaves near-surface of the sea and takes breathe by going into the sea.

• The most striking feature of it is that it keeps its mouth wide open while foraging such creatures are very rare which are harmless.

• Giant manta rays live alone or in small groups, typically congregating to feed. They’re considered predators and hunt deep below the surface of the sea.

• Manta rays have the largest brain-to-size ratio of any cold-blooded fish.

• Studies have shown that manta rays may recognize themselves in the mirror, an ability indicative of high cognitive function, also shown by dolphins, primates, and elephants.

• So, this is the aquatic animal that I find very interesting and I hope to see it in real life in the foreseeable future. When I will be able to visit Australia because it is mainly found there.

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