Describe a bag you want to own | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a bag you want to own.

- What kind of bag it is?
- Where you want to buy it
- How much it will cost you
- Why you want this kind of bag

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• I love bags and they have so many varieties such as a shoulder bag, messenger bag but my favorite is an antitheft backpack and I would like to get one.

• There are plenty of options available in it ranging from original to fake ones in a wide variety of colors and cloth materials used.

• Unfortunately, there are no stores in India selling the original quality of it, I have tried one which I bought from Flipkart but it wears out rather quickly.

• I would like to get a black waterproof backpack version of it. It has so many pockets and slots so that we can place anything from a pencil to pen drive to your laptop.

• The best part is that the zip lies below the support band of your shoulder hence nobody can invade your bag without you noticing first.

• I mainly use it to safeguard and carry laptops, documents, and other things that are essential for my work mainly.

• My friend has one such backpack he bought it on a trip to Amsterdam and he has been using it for 2 years.

• I feel that bag is an essential commodity and one should not compromise quality for the price.

• These antitheft backpacks usually range from 3000-5000 but with the quality they provide, they can last for years without worry.

• As I am planning to move abroad, I have thought of buying it first hand with my first salary there.

• I want to get a backpack because it will allow me to travel without any worry of anyone trying to steal.

• I usually prefer a two-wheeler for commuting and a backpack works well in this situation.

• Also, they evenly distribute the load on shoulders and hips and don’t put weight on one side of the body as in the case of a shoulder bag.

• Hence, they are easy to carry for hours.

• With the unique design inside it also allow me to be more organized as they have a lot of separate compartments and smaller pockets.

• I can keep my keys and wallet in the easily accessible outer pockets and my books in the main compartment.

• Backpacks made from waterproof material can save my belongings from getting wet as well. So, it can work like an all-rounder in my life which is why I want to get this antitheft backpack.

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