Describe an intelligent person you know | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

 Describe an intelligent person you know

- Who is the person?
- What does he do?
- Why do you think he is smart?
- How do you feel about him?

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• Well I know a lot of personalities who are extremely talented and intelligent and in my perspective.

• When you spend time with an intelligent person you can easily realize about their smartness without any specification from them I know many people who are intelligent like my friends, relatives, teachers, and neighbor, but here I would like to take the opportunity to talk about my neighbor, Jenny,  who is of the same age as mine and in fact, we both are in the same class.

• Well she is short in height having a healthy body along with a dark complexion, but she looks gorgeous and she has a wonderful personality coming on to her academic performance always comes first in my class and no other student can beat her in its specifically particular in my class.

• For instance, mathematics is a very typical subject which I found difficult by most of the student and due to low confidence they can't perform well in it. But Jenney’s favorite subject itself is math’s in fact she is very helpful by Nature so she assists other students also in understanding and solves math sums in a better way.

• She has always maintained the position of the class monitor of our section and I must say that she really deserves it.

• One more thing which really impresses me about any is that more besides being good at academic use is actually good in extracurricular activities 

• My school organizes various events for example poster making, evolution debates she takes part in all them for the sake of experience and she has also won debates at inter school competition a few years ago.

• Because of her excellent performance in all the sectors she has been awarded student of the year as well.

• So basically, she has solutions to all the problems because of her intellectual ability and I am so proud of being her friend as she is really hardworking and never fails to impress anyone with her intelligence.

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