Describe a person in your family that you admire or are happy to know | Recent IETLS Topics

Describe a person in your family that you admire or are happy to know.

- Who he/she is?
- Where he/she live.
- How you know them.
- And explain why you like them.

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• Frankly speaking, I am born and brought up in a country where showing respect to elders is expected in our culture.

• I am a very reserved person and loves spending time with my family members only whom I admire the most in my life.

• Here I would like to take the opportunity to talk about my grandmother whom I admire the most and spent most of the time of the day with her.

• Actually, my both parents are working and I am studying so we had to spend time with each other.

• My grandmother's name is _______________ and she is in her early eighties she has a short height and healthy body but she looks very beautiful she usually wears sarees but at my request, she prefers to wear traditional suits also sometimes.

• She has done Bachelor in Arts and she worked as an English tutor in a one-school but at present, she is retired she is a very kind hearted person but besides she is one of best Chefs in my home.

• Whenever I come from outside, she keeps delicious lunch was next ready for me usually I have to do study and complete homework at home but in my spare time.

• I love to sit with her and she tells me religious and ancient stories from her books because of her only I have developed moral values and learn ethics in my life.

 Sometimes when I insist on her, she also allows me to let her help in the kitchen meanwhile guide giving me cooking tutorials.

• So, there are numerous reasons why I respect my grandmother a lot and love spending time with her as she is the person whom I admire the most.

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