Describe a person who is a good leader | Recent IELTS Speaking topic

 Describe a person who is a good leader.

- Who this person is?
- How you know this person?
- What he does?
- How this person behaves
- Why do you think he is a good leader?

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• Everyone defines a leader in their own way but in my perspective and a person becomes a leader only when he knows the right path in the ways he/she helped over to solve the problem and things about other people first instead of considering himself or herself.

• Here I would definitely take this opportunity to talk about my classmate ________, actually, we both are of the same age as well as in same class.

 She lives in my neighborhood so I know her very well, she is excellent in academics and is always manages to come from 1st to 3rd in class.

• She boards in extra co-curricular activities also there are numerous traits which I admire about her, but the qualities through which I am impressed the most inner leadership qualities, that why the teacher has even made her class monitor of our section.

• Besides the education our school equally focuses on sports as well. I vividly remember when we were in the 7 grade; our friends decided to join the Kho Kho team of our school.

• Soon the court observed the potential of my friend _____ and declared her as captain of the team and she really did justice to the position as always leads at the front-end and set an example for others.

• She gave her best performance and encourage the team and we won few matches in the tournament.

 Her nature is very calm and composed and even in a tense situation she never loses her temper and remains focused.

 She was the leader but never used to dominate other players and always believed in helping others.

 She always gave equal opportunity to everyone to show their views and opinions as she knows it is the best for the team.

• Last but not least, she was a good speaker also and always influence others with motivational speeches.

 Overall, she is very smart who never fails to impress anyone with her leadership skills.

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