Describe a skill that you can teach other people | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a skill that you can teach other people.

- What it is?
- How you learned it?
- How can you teach others this skill?
- How do you feel about this skill?

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• Frankly there is a lot of things that I can teach to people these days.

• Starting from how to maintain good oral hygiene which is my field of expertise, manners which most of them lack these days.

• But today I want to talk about oral hygiene.

• In developing countries people tend to neglect to keep their mouths clean and healthy.

• It’s not that they don’t care about it but the awareness of it is quite lacking in that department in such countries.

• Being a dentist, I know why it is important because I have studied about it for nearly 5 years if we include the internship.

• But the general public isn’t so aware of it and the good government doesn’t care much about it either.

• How I think about it is, where do you get your energy from? it’s from the food you eat and how do you eat it that’s from your mouth.

• If your mouth itself is not healthy, how do you expect to keep your body healthy? When you keep ingesting harmful bacteria of mouth along with the food you eat on daily basis.

• Well I usually teach such things to my patients that I meet on daily basis. But not everything at the same time but according to an appointment, I tend to educate them: step by step so that by the end of their treatment at least one of them now knows why one should maintain oral hygiene.

• There are many ways to achieve that one could simply start with gargling of mouth after every meal to make sure your bacteria don’t have anything to feed on after you are done eating your meal.

• Then one could go with modern brushing techniques using toothbrushes and toothpaste to keep our teeth clean at least once a day later extending it to two times if not three in morning and evening.

• Additionally, they could keep their tissues healthy with the help of mouth wash which they can use at least two a week if not daily.

• These are things that are tough to do, but they won’t attempt it if you tell them to do everything in one go, but small baby steps are usually quite acceptable that is why I start with baby steps and keep on adding one by one which is normally digested much better than asking them to do everything thing at once.

• So, this is what I would like everyone to follow eventually in their life to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Happy Learning!
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