Describe a special hotel you stayed in | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a special hotel you stayed in

- Where it is?
- What it is like?
- Why you went there?
- And how you felt about it?

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• I am not a big fan of hotels I would rather stay in a homestay while touring as they are much more comfortable for me.

• But this one time during our first-year finals in university we had a one-week gap between theory and practical exams.

• So, on the evening of the last theory exam while strolling around with my friend and I just asked him out of curiosity, "what should we do for the next 7 days?" and he jokingly said well do you want to go on the trip? My response to that was, "yeah should we go to Bangalore?" All our classmate seems to run over there on every chance they get I would also like to see it at least once

• And the next thing we knew we were on the bus to Bangalore after 30 minutes with two other friends three boys and one girl.

• Unfortunately, we didn’t plan far enough for booking a hotel and to our surprise, we landed in Bangalore but had no idea where to stay so we asked the cab driver to guide us one and he took us to a small local hotel not too fancy not too shabby. Just an average hotel.

• But now the issue was that only two rooms were available and we were four of us.

• But the hotel staff arranged three beds for us in one room and a room for the girl.

• I was honestly completely surprised how quickly the issue was handled with such flexibility, this would never happen in reputed hotels where they would definitely ask you to either book different rooms or find another hotel.

• But this was not the end of it we had no idea how to proceed with sightseeing since it was our first time and we didn’t preplan anything but the hotel reception laid out our entire plan from day 1 to day 6 within a flash.

• This doesn’t happen normally so my thinking about local hotels completely changed.

• This was probably the most special hotel for me because of the experience I had while staying there. I had not a thing that I regretted while staying there.

• Cost was low, staffs were polite and kind enough to help out without any ill intention at any moment and the rooms were up to the mark as well.

• They even had facilities for television for entertainment and room service for anything we need.

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