Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a time when you needed to use your imagination.

- When it was?
- When you needed to use imagination?
- How difficult or easy it was?
- And explain how you felt about it?

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• Honestly, I run any particular thing in my mind that I have not done before, millions of times before I attempt it and I also like to imagine everything a lot mostly.

• I do this especially before I have to talk about something either during class or for a lecture that I have to teach someone to just make sure that whatever I say or do is a correct thing to do.

• I personally believe saying to tell something that you aren’t sure of can result in a disastrous situation without your knowledge. And I decided on this because of an incident that happened to my mother.

• So, people often say that I talk less but it’s not that I talk less but I don’t want to say something that I am not sure of unnecessarily.

• So, this one time one student asked me about a topic which she found difficult to solve.

• Topic on the question was how to give an inferior alveolar nerve block.

• So honestly speaking I had learned how to give it practically but teaching someone else was new to me.

• So, I went back to my room picked out. The skull and mandible and the textbook of local anesthesia.

• First, I started imagining how exactly I follow while giving the nerve block then I went back to read about it and linked the two together.

• Now it was time to mark it up on the skull the location and the areas that need to be palpated to finally reach the point where we are supposed to penetrate and at what angle.

• After running the simulation a lot of times until I was satisfied that my friend will understand I kept imagining it in different combinations.

• Then finally I called him up to come to my room in my hostel room and I spent nearly 30 minutes explaining it to him before he could understand it.

• Now next day we followed the same, first on each other so that he gets an idea that when he got the patient at that time in my observation, the patient is not in any kind of discomfort during the procedure.

• This is also why I think imagination is of utmost importance no matter what you do it can also give you a little push that you might need initially before you try something new.

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