Describe your first day at school | Recent IELTS Speaking Topics

Describe your first day at school.

- Where it was?
- What happened?
- Explain how you felt on that day

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• I have been to three schools in my life.

• My preprimary and primary school was different from my secondary school and higher secondary was different as well.

• I have no recollection of my primary school. I do remember the remaining two quite clearly.

• Here I would like to talk about my higher secondary school in which I attended 11th and 12th class.

• My school’s name is ____________.

• I vividly remember how nervous I was on the first day.

• This school was smaller than the previous one but it had a huge playground which made me quite excited

• It was located on the outskirts so I was afraid of getting lost there.

• I just walked inside following the herd and went where they were going not knowing what else to do.

• I was a new face for them, so many of them ended up staring at me.

• Luckily, I had my elder sister with me as she was the reason for my transfer; so she helped me out with it a little.

• Once I reached the class, I saw one familiar face and I was so glad for that to happen.

• His name was Yogesh he helped me mingle around with other students in the class.

• He made me feel quite comfortable with the whole new day thing.

• All my nervousness vanished.

• Soon the bell rang and it was time for assembly. During this time we all gather at one place and sing out the national anthem and move back to class.

• I completely dumbstruck with the level of teachers being so good compared to the inadequate infrastructure of the school.

• Apart from this, there were separate labs for everything be it physics, chemistry, and computer science, and biology.

• There was also a huge library.

• Badminton, volleyball and cricket courts were also there.

• The canteen was not up to the mark but other facilities quite surprised me.

• All the teachers were also very nice.

• I studied for 2 years in that school.

• Those were the most memorable years of my life. Even now I wish about going back to relive those days.

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