Describe an interesting conversation that you had | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

 Describe an interesting conversation that you had

- Who you had it with?
- Where did you have it?
- What was the conversation and why did you have it?

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• We talk with a lot of people in routine, those are maybe interesting or maybe not.

• I am living in city ____ but last Sunday, I was going to my hometown.

• I was traveling on the bus at that time, I had an interesting conversation with the guy sitting beside me.

• We were sitting in the joint seat but I was sitting beside the window.

• He asked me to open it and then thanked me and then he started talking with me.

• He told me that his name is ___and he is working in the Political Department of Punjab University, Chandigarh.

• But I was just surprised after new that he prefers to live that good and simple life.

• He also didn’t mind traveling by bus.

• Then, he was talking about the political system of our country India.

• We were debating little on the politicians.

• I saw that his views are similar to mine.

• He told me that if one politician would want to make the country's political condition better, then he can do it very well.

• But in our country India, it seems to be impossible.

• Then we were talking about various political leaders of our country.

• Due to this interesting conversation, I did not know when I reached my hometown and I had to go now down from the bus.

• So, our conversation had stopped.

• I thought that It was really good as I don’t really prefer talking to strangers while traveling but didn’t mind talking to him.

• Even now I think about it sometimes that if all politicians were like that India would be a better Country today and that prime minister would have.

• I learned many things from his experience and had an interesting talk while traveling.

• According to me, it was an interesting conversation compared to the times when I uselessly gossip and waste time.

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