Describe a piece of international news that you have recently heard | Recent IELTS Speaking topic

Describe a piece of international news that you have recently heard.

- What the news was about
- Where and when you heard it
- What you were doing when you heard it
- Explain how you feel about this news

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• For the past 10 years, I had plans to move abroad but my family never supported that.

• In the last couple of years, they finally agreed to it after many struggles so I started arranging all documents which I managed by February 2020.

• But after that I started hearing news about Covid so I decided to wait for a month.

• The words like a pandemic, social distancing, and lockdown, which were never heard of became common in every house.

• During this whole quarter till July I couldn’t proceed dude to lockdown and it was quite frustrating for me I was keeping tabs on IRCC as well but they closed down all draws for my category since February.

• Finally, in the first week of August they did the first draw and I had a sigh of relief and after that, I proceeded with what I had to do I suited my application and I received my invitation but problems didn’t end there now I had a hurdle to overcome the remaining documents like police verification certificate and medical which took quite some time due to pandemic and I somehow managed to submit all documents on the second last day of the time given to me to collect documents.

• Lucky enough for me they cleared a lot of steps within a month and I was so delighted to see that I got a biometric request within a month. But now I faced a second hurdle biometric was closed for my category it had been few months since they resumed services but no updates on mine.

• I started looking around and finally heard a piece of news that we can go to other countries to give biometric this was the biggest relief of all but now I had to go to Dubai which also gives me a date after a month for biometric it’s like having good and bad news at the same time.

• But after hearing that I was glad that I can now move in a positive direction finally. This was the time when I had to depend on international news twice in the same year.

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