Describe a polite person whom you know | Recent IELTS Speaking topic

Describe a polite person whom you know.

- Who is the person?
- How you know him/her?
- And explain why you think this person is polite?

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• Well, being kind towards everyone is very important in any community. I know many polite persons but here I would like to talk about the politest person known to me.

• I would like to talk about one such person who is also a friend of mine. His name is ______.

• He works in a ______ as a _______. He is in his mid-30s as of now.

• He always keeps a smile on his face, which makes him attractive, though he is not handsome.

• As he goes to the gym regularly, his physical appearance resembles an athlete.

• His dressing style is impeccable, he gives importance to his professional look and always wears suits and ties.

• We are friends since childhood, so I know him very well. I remember his mother used to teach us all the time about manners for different situations.

• Also, how to respect and kind to other people and be considerate. He adapted all that his mother taught and follow it.

• He gives respect to all people no matter another person is elder or older. I have seen that many times he goes out of the way to help others. That is why everyone in my family and neighborhood loves him.

• He is very predictable and even if he is himself sad or depressed, he never lets it affect us.

• Overall, he not only helps his friends but strangers also, that’s what makes him very different in our friend circle.

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