Describe a time when you encouraged someone to do something that he/she didn’t want to do | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a time when you encouraged someone to do something that he/she didn’t want to do.

- You should say
- Who he or she is?
- What you encouraged him/her to do
- How he/she reacted
- And explain why you encouraged him/her

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• I believe everyone has moments in their life when they are afraid to leave their comfort zone as they are unsure of what might the result be.

• In such cases it’s always advisable to encourage such person towards the right direction and make them move out of their comfort zone.

• Back when I had just graduated one of my close friends “Kautul” was confused about whether to continue living in India and open clinics or move abroad for better opportunities. We were already together for nearly 5 years so I knew perfectly well that unlike me he already has a sister abroad so his family will have no issue sending him outside India.

• So, he contacted me about 1 year after graduation asking me about what should he do.

• Knowing him I knew that a straightforward answer won’t be enough to convince him.

• So, I told let’s forget everything for a moment and just answer what I ask you honestly.

• I asked him about his job where he is currently what he is doing and everything.

• Coming to the main question: eventually are you satisfied at this moment and he said no definitely not. I asked him to do his parents have a problem with him moving abroad he said not at all. Then I told him then why are you hesitating you should just fly out already.

• Now at this point in time I was also preparing to move out but I had decided on Canada and her sister was in the US so I thought maybe he will also be going there but when I asked him, he said he doesn’t want to go there. 

• Then I explained everything about Canada to him and how everything goes around and told him for me it might be few years before I can pull it off as my parents are not willing to let me go as of now but I can help him out and we could meet up again in Canada.

• As of now he is in Canada, he initially went on a student visa and as of now have a good job and is moving forward with his life soon he will be a permanent resident of Canada and maybe a citizen too.

• I had given him the same advice back in our college days while talking casually about life and this probably why he thought of contacting me.

• Apart from the initial hesitation he had, I been glad it all worked out in the end and the reason why I pushed him was pretty simple I just thought he would be a better fit abroad than in India. We are still in touch and we talk to everyone and then when we get free.

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