Describe a time when you felt bored | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a time when you felt bored.

- When it was?
- Who you were with?
- What you were doing?
- Why you felt bored?

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• Life always runs in a combination of different types of moments some are fun some are not and some on some occasions we get surprised.

• But boredom is one such thing that everyone faces at least once in a life. For me, I could say I get bored of things very easily especially once I have figured everything out.

• But I have never been voted as much as I did during the initial phase of Covid lockdown during April and May 2020.

• I am technically a workaholic so for me sitting idle is probably the toughest task to perform.

• I just can’t handle my time getting wasted. More recently I have developed this habit of using smartphones whenever such a situation arises.

• I instantly swap from one thing to another as I get bored always starting off at articles then entertainment videos, news, games, and so on.

• But those 60 days of lockdown were insane how can one spend his 16 hrs. of time at home every single day for 2 months is out of my understanding.

• Initially I felt relieved because I was finally free from all the stress of work but after few days it kicked in the boredom.

• Eventually I started running out of things to do. I even started helping out with house chores but it just wasn’t enough to cover the extra time I had in my hand; on top we were not supposed to even leave our house during that time.

• No wonder people say that housewife’s job is probably the toughest to perform.

• The amount of patience one needs to cross over the same cycle repeatedly is insane.

• This was probably the one time I would have been bored a lot.

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