Describe the time when you had to sing a poem in front of the public | Recent IELTS Speaking Topics

Describe the time when you had to sing a poem in front of the public.

- Where were you?
- What did you sing?
- How did you feel?

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• Poems were probably my favorites during the English class I loved them.

• They had this story inside with the rhythm of a song it was fun to speak them.

• I vividly remember that when I had just changed my school there, they used to make students come in front of all and then speak the poem.

• I was so nervous at that time because I had never done it before it was like I can have a nervous breakdown anytime.

• Imagine being at a new place with new people around and you have to speak out a poem in from considering I was mostly an introverted person who enjoyed his own space more than being in a crowd.

• And as I began, I forgot about everything the rhythm of the story was one of the most nervous moments of my life as I began, I was so embarrassed after it ended, I literally spoke it out like a robot speech.

• And I thought this couldn’t go any more wrong than this.

• But nobody laughed or mocked me instead I was appreciated for being good in speech.

• I was so relieved to be surrounded by such level-headed people in my class.

• I soon after that I managed to make friends during the lunch break and I was never nervous again when speaking a poem after that.

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