Describe the time when you had to sing a song | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe the time when you had to sing a song.

- Where were you?
- What did you sing?
- How did you feel?

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• I am from a nuclear family we live away from our hometown. During my time in school, I had changed a lot due to my sister as whenever she changed school so did I.

• She was good at gossiping making friends impressing others mostly an overly extrovert person. Unlike me who usually liked to stay in his own world.

• I always had issues with changes as I don’t trust anyone so easily so I use to always be nervous around the school.

• Now in my previous school we had specific people who usually sang the national anthem daily when school opens.

• But the situation changed when changed my school and joined a new one it was called Swaminarayan gurukul. They had these patterns to give turn every day to each student.

• This terrified me singing in front of others when I had never done it before.

• Singing along with everyone is one thing but standing in front leading them is something else.

• Finally, the day arrived my heartbeat was practically racing through that time when I was asked to do it was the most nervous moment of my life, but I adapt rather quickly so after the first attempt I was never nervous again I didn’t sound as horrible as I thought and I was content with it.

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