Describe a time when you were really close to a wild animal | Recent IELTS Speaking Topic

Describe a time when you were really close to a wild animal.

- What it looked like
- Where you saw it
- What it likes to eat or do
- Why you like it

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• Well I am not a big fan of wild animals but there was a time when I saw one just a few feet away.

• This happened during the trip we took between our exams in the first year of college.

• We had seven days gap so we thought a trip would be nice.

• We hopped onto the first bus we got and reached Bangalore.

• Having no plans of our own we took advice from the hotel reception and they guided us to a tourist agent. He gave us a 4-day trip detail which entailed a trip traversing borders of three states of India Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamilnadu.

• We were thrilled by it started from Bangalore to Mysore in Mysore we some their culture and a lot of things in addition we visited the palace of their last king it was mesmerizingly beautiful.

• This trip also included a forest reserve area near the border that protected wild animals.

• This was the third in our journey after the temple on the Chamundi hill near Mysore.

• The most interesting part here was in the entire mountain only one time was there on its peak rest of the area was filled with trees and for people to explore it was very beautiful.

• I moving on we reached the reserve area and we were driving through the safe zone we knew our chance to find one will be very low and then we first saw a herd of deer dozen or so of them just a few feet’s away from the bus munching on the plants and grass they were absolutely beautiful for being animal living in wild thereafter we encountered a wild bull never in my world I saw such a scary bull he.

• Had a muscular body structure like those of bodybuilders. Absolutely scary just like 2 feet away from the bus even though it approaching terrified was quite clear that just one hit and the bus will be damaged beyond repair.

• I found the tiger and lion more manageable than this bull on close sight.

• The after that we moved on sighting some other animals but it sure was the highlight of the trip.

• I have been to zoos many times but those are breeders and cared for in the zoo so they don’t have such a scary look and behavior normally.

• But that bull really showed me how fear looks like.

• But I was with friends so I tried to look like it was all cool and it didn’t bother me at all.

• So, this was the one time I had come quite close to the wild animals.

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