Describe a time when your computer broke down | Recent IELTS Speaking topic

Describe a time when your computer broke down.

- When it was?
- What you were doing?
- What you did about it?
- And how you felt about it?

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• This all happened a few months back, I was trying to connect my laptop to the television display to watch a downloaded 3D movie.

• So, this is how it all played out during the time I broke down my computer.• However, after I connected the HDMI cable at both sides, a video displayed on the TV for a while and suddenly turned off.

• I had a plan to watch other few movies as well. I had also invited few close friends.

• And I had prepared popcorn and paneer platters so that we could eat during watching a movie.

• But suddenly the HDMI port in my laptop broken, it ruined our plan.

• I tried to troubleshoot the issue but couldn’t manage to fix it.

• So, we thought of watching on the laptop’s 14-inch screen, but it also turned out to be malfunctioning. Because the main issue was the display card on the motherboard, it wasn’t responding.

• Overall, as we ended up canceling our plan, I felt very sad about it. And also, I apologize to my friends for the laptop’s problem. I will never forget the embarrassment I felt in front of my friends.

• After that I called on to the concerned person to see if it can be fixed in time and he said can’t say until.

• He checks which can take up to 3 hours.

• I was completely disappointed with how it turned out with no other choice left I went on with it and took my laptop for diagnosis.

• He then later told me that we have two options either change the motherboard or the graphic card but then there is no guarantee when my laptop may start working.

• First option may take up to 15 days as it needs to be ordered and the second one can be done in a day.

• After thinking it through I told him to place an order and meanwhile fixing it.

• I replanned it for Sunday as by that time laptop will be fixed and I can always replace it on the 15th day once the motherboard arrives.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your personal experience with a broken computer. It's always frustrating when technology fails us. Your detailed description of the incident and the steps you took to resolve the issue is insightful and relatable. It's great to see how you sought help, researched solutions, and eventually got your computer back up and running. Broken laptop service Chennai Your story serves as a reminder to remain patient and resourceful when facing technical challenges. Well done!


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